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Kramer Junction Solar Electric Generating Station

Name: Kramer Junction Solar Electric Generating Station
Category: Industrial
Archive ID#: CA9679
Description: A 150 megawatt solar power plant owned by the Kramer Junction Company. This facility is known as "SEGS 3 through 7", and is one of three separate sites within 40 miles of one another which make up a total of nine solar fields in the Solar Electric Generating System (SEGS). Together these three facilities can generate about 354 megawatts at peak output, comprising most of the commercial solar power currently produced worldwide. These solar facilities are referred to as "advantageous peak facilities," as they operate at their peak when it is sunniest, which is also when local power requirements are greatest, due to increased air conditioning demand. The facilities regulate their power supply through the use of supplemental natural gas-fueled electric generating plants. With a peak output of 45 megawatts, SEGS 1 and 2 are at the Dagget Leasing Company's facility just east of Barstow, and Harpers Dry Lake, north of Hinkley is the location of the most powerful of the three facilities, the SEGS 8 and 9, which produce around 160 megawatts at their peak.
Location: Kramer Junction
(POINT(-117.5592041015 35.014886856))
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Address: CA
San Bernardino County
Visitor Info: Closed to the public, but visible from the highway. Main gate is two miles north of Route 58, on Highway 395. A good view of the facility can be had from the water tank hill, located northwest of the Kramer Junction intersection, and reachable via dirt road off 395, one mile north of the intersection.
Links: http://www.kjcsolar.com/index1.html
LCS: Industrial, Power Plant / Electrical Generation
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